Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Work

Here are the first scarves made from the silk neckties I took apart and a new hat style, the necktie newsboy. I got a number of men's tweed jackets at a bag sale and the cap is cut from one sleeve. You can see the cuff buttons are still in place.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Labels For Craft Projects.

Anybody want these labels from the ties I'm using? I've seen pictures of a jacket covered completely in labels or you could use them in collages. Email me at if you want them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maker's Euphoria

Here's a quick picture of my newest upcycling material, gorgeous silk neckties. I'm in a wonderful makers euphoria these days,loads of ideas and fingers just itching to get going on them. One of my goals has been to design things that will sell all year. Nobody wants to try on a wool hat when it's 95 and humid. So I've turned to an old friend, silk neckties. The colors and patterns, especially the paisleys, are so beautiful! I'm especially happy to have sourced these at a local thrift store, Stars & Stripes. The shop helps vets and their families. I could have gotten them from an ebay seller but Stars & Stripes was able to match the price for me. When I walked in they had just received a big donation of Pillsbury pizza dough, the kind in the cardboard tube that you crack open on the counter. Problem was, they have limited storage space so they were trying to reach the food bank at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop across town but getting no answer. My friend works there and I usually stop in on Mondays so I offered to take some over. Some of the packages had been jostled on the ride to S & S and had popped open and had to be discarded. So I couldn't help thinking on the ride over to SVP that if anybody rear ended my car the explosion of dough would be pretty amazing! It all worked out fine. They were happy to have it and my "rear air bag" did not go off.