Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Harold! Come Back!

I'm a visual person and I like blogs with pictures so here's another hat that I have up on etsy now. I'm not too sure what I feel like writing about this morning so I'll start with the hat. I call it Harold and it was inspired by a Monty Python sketch about an English and French joint venture in aviation, the sheep airliner. A few bits later we see a farmer out in his field looking up into the sky shouting,"Harold! Come back!"
It's a beautiful day with just a hint of fall in the air. Just the sort of day that I really need at about this time of August. Back to school is in sight and honestly, I need more structure in my life. I seem to turn into a slug in August.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quackgrass Acres

I put this picture of the Mossy Fairy Bonnet up instead of a picture of my garden because Quackgrass Acres is looking an awful mess. I didn't get there for three days and the bugs had gone to town on the squash and pumpkins. It's an organic community garden so that meant a lot of pick n' squish. Ugh. I've done so many things wrong there this first year. In the fall we are putting in growing beds with as much manure and leaves as I can get my hands on and using Ruth Stout's permanent mulch system next year. I'm taking a little comfort from the fact that she also struggled in her first years of gardening.
For anyone who has not read Ruth's How to have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back, you really should. It's a great read rather you're a gardener or not. I've been by her home many times though I didn't know anything about her. But I noticed the house, it's my favorite in that area.
Please pray for my pumpkins!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does this chair make my butt look fat?

Let me introduce you to my "personal assistant", Miss Lucy Mae Bumpus. It's a strenuous life she leads, following me around (especially if there is food involved), making sure all the beds and other soft surfaces in the house are nap tested everyday and dancing around complaining when she needs to go out for a walk. I snapped a picture of her this morning because I've never seen her in this little chair and it surprised me that she would want to sit in it. She usually prefers something more luxurious. Dan's chair in the living room is her favorite. She's always immensely pleased with herself to be sitting in the alpha male's spot.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Invasion of the Stash!

My son (on the left) has his friend over to get ready for some big event on World of Warcraft which means that they HAD to stay up all night on the computer that's around the corner from my sweater stash. So I got up this morning and when I saw that they weren't in his bedroom I went up to check on them. No kids. After a few tense moments looking for them Dan found them nesting in my stash. Of course we had to take a picture.