Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scottish Beach Pottery

This is my stash of Scottish beach pottery from Rubycquins' shop on etsy. I have never found anything this cool on the beach here in Connecticut but then, we don't have a 300 year history of major pottery manufacturers in these parts. They aren't actually pieces from the china plates. They are broken stands used to stack the pottery in the kiln. At first glance they look like bones. Some will be made into jewelry, others into buttons and add ons for hats and mixed media pieces. I'm excited to use them and wishing that it was warm enough to go beach combing! The strangest thing I ever found was the forehead from a china doll. I also have three or four pieces of a brown victorian china pattern that were collected at different times and places, one of them on the Strand in Ireland. Must have been a popular pattern!

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