Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystery Saturday

Can anybody out there tell me what this prickly looking tool is used for? And ,please, don't say kligon sex toy. I found it with a bunch of sewing supplies and all I can guess is that maybe it's used in pressing velvet without crushing the nap. It's not for needle felting, there aren't any barbs on the wires. I can't resist old craft and sewing tools. Palm loom, weaveit, daisy loom, you name it, I've got it.
On to the second mystery. Can you guess what I used to make this pendant? Except for a little polymer clay, it's all repurposed stuff. Stop reading for a sec if you want to guess because I'm going to give the answer. OK? The metal ring and tab is from an old zipper pull. I put a pad of aqua colored polymer clay in the center, coated it with translucent liquid clay and pressed bits of broken windshield glass into it. The zipper pull was from last week's tag sale bag of zippers. I guess you could say that I got the glass "delivered" to my doorstep. We live on a busy street and before they added a stop light, we had three different cars crash through our yard. The glass came from the one that left tire marks on the front door,went on to barely miss a huge pine tree, ending up on it's roof in the vacant lot next door. DUI? You bet. The driver and passenger took off in a friend's car before the cops arrived. Every time there has been an accident out here some mind altering substance was involved. Thankfully, the stoplight has worked. Jeeze, I really didn't intend for this post to be taken over by a DUI rant. Deep cleansing breath. Back to repurposing. I've been reusing found materials since I was a kid. We didn't just run to Michaels for stuff and the craft kits made for kids tended to be garbage anyway. Except for sharp blades, I always let my son use my art and craft supplies. It isn't fair to hand a kid a cheezy craft kit. They only get frustrated when they can't make it work. Give them your empty boxes and some real supplies and they'll astound you with their original projects.


KeRobinson said...

hi!' not sure what it is, but i would use it 4 punch embroidery.
don't remember exactly, but wool embroidery thread and then brush it out. it made a nice fluffy kitten on a sweatshirt! :)

Barbara said...

What an incredible coincidence, I just ordered one of these, so I'm not sure yours is really that old. It's used by hand to fluff up and pull out the fur caught in the seams when sewing/making a teddy bear. Wish I had come across one like you, but right now I'm just awaiting delivery. :)

KeRobinson said...

Oh no, I don't have one. I did this about 15 yrs. ago and used a wire brush detangler 4 pets to brush the yarn and make like hair :) I have no idea what that thing is, just sayin' that's how I'd re-purpose it! LOL!

Jody Bishel said...

Thank you! I thought it might be something like that since it looked so much like a tiny wool carder. It's at Lacis as a bunka brush.