Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee and a Sewing Machine That Works

Here's the first new hat made almost entirely on my new 1935 Singer machine. I'm so excited! This machine makes sewing fun again, unlike the two modern machines I wasted my time and money on. And I didn't even try to sew anything heavy on them to begin with! I think that once I could see that this really was going to work I could finally admit to myself how very tired of blanket stitch I had become. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the stuffed animals on the machine too. I'm upstairs cutting out a bunch of hats. This should go a long way toward dealing with the problem most makers bump into when they try to make money - There is a limit to the number of of widgets that one person can make in a day. Saturday is my favorite church fair at the First Church of Christ in Redding CT, so I'll get to see how this new work goes over. Then it's back to painting so I finish a new piece for the next gallery change over.

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