Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cleaning The Land of Enchantment

So our twelve year old is on vacation at Disney World with his best friend until late Thursday night. I'm taking care of his Neopets. He's in for a surprise when he gets back, I cleaned his room. Should have rented a backhoe! I pulled out three full contractors bags of broken toys, papers and plain old trash. He's a prolific artist which is great, but as soon as he's done, the drawings get left all over the floor where they get walked on and churned into a sort of indoor leaf mold. I found his missing gameboy in the ground cover. It's a miracle that no one stepped on it but I suppose that it was pretty well cushioned by all the debris. Meanwhile, Miss Lucy Mae Bumpus, our dog was watching with great interest, at one point snagging a lollipop left from a Halloween past. Once the room was picked up she was allowed back into the "Land of Enchantment" as we generally refer to his bedroom. (This is a reference to an old Pooh Bear episode. Tigger sucked Piglet into a canister vac as part of a magic act. The interior of the canister vac was the Land of Enchantment.) Now here's the thing. As I was sitting on his bed resting at the end of all the cleaning, Mis Bumpus jumped up beside me, gave me a kiss and settled happlily on the bed for a nap. All of a sudden it hit me.. the dog thinks we've taken our son to the pound and the room is now hers!

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