Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm Not As Old As This Post Would Suggest!

We get a small free newspaper every week and usually, there isn't much of interest beyond the latest Ocean State Job Lot ad- and I can get that on the web. This week's cartoon was a nice little nugget. Once again I found myself explaining "ancient" history to my son so he'd get the joke. Anybody tried watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons with their kids? I had to explain why a character said "ding!" when he reached the end of the ear of corn he was eating.(You know, like an old fashioned typewriter). One of my Grandmother's favorite ways to tell us we were talking too much when we were kids was:"What? Did somebody vaccinate you with a phonograph needle?" I love that line! Kind of takes the fun out of it when I have to stop and explain it. Oh well, good times, good times...

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