Thursday, May 24, 2007

Playing Hooky

What a fun day this was! I took a fieldtrip to two different ethnic markets today and not only did I get henna, rose syrup and yard long beans, I also found the elusive carrot pickle I've been looking for. One of my dearest friends craves kim chee the way I yearn for Pakistani carrot pickle. My son will have a couple of surprises in his lunch tomorrow - a small box of chocolate filled koala cookies and a strawberry jelly drink with an anime character on the label. Can't quite place the guy on the label but I know that I've seen him before. And, though it's hotter than you know where up here, I photographed a bunch of hats and uploaded them to They're in the Wandering Lydia gallery. Finally, I hennaed my hand and came up to write a little here.

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